PETER NIKKOS as Zamier Metref

Zamier Metref is an ally of the Merry Men with communcations and electronics expertise, and a former Algerian counterterrorism agent tried, convicted, and later pardoned for treason and manslaughter. Working under deep cover for the Algeria's Counter-espionage Management Unit (DCE), Zamier served two years in prison for creating dirty bombs that were used in a terrorist act without his knowledge. Stylish and reserved, Zamier is typically a soft spoken man of peace, but is capable of acts of extreme violence. He has limited combat training through the People's National Army (Algeria) and the Commandement des Opérations Spéciales (Special Operations Command, COS) (France). He is Algerian of Moorish descent and a devout Arab. While serving with the DCE, he encountered international French criminal Philippe Scève who played a key part in framing him for the crimes of which he was convicted. Zamier is fluent in English, Arabic, and French.


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