Robin Hood
Portrayed by
CJ Enright (Robin, age 10)
First seen
Pilot Episode
Appeared in
Centric episode(s)

Robert Hood
Also known as
Robbie, Rob, Robin Hood
Date of birth
May 10, 1982
South York, IL
SFC U.S. Marine Corps, Professional Sniper, freedom fighter, leader of the Merry Men
Criminal Record
Family members
Calvin Hood (Father) Cynthia Hood (Mother)


Robert Hood, better known by his alias Robin Hood, is the de facto leader of the Merry Men, an underground self-proclaimed freedom fighter group based in the neighborhood Sherwood Forest

The son of a wealthy business magnate, Robin Hood grew up enjoying a privileged life. Young Robin exhibited natural athletic ability, excelling at sports in school, and was taught hunting and shooting by his father at an early age. In spite of his sheltered and privileged upbringing, Robin's parents instilled in him a sense of duty and respect toward his fellow man. The Hood family would frequently entertain their friends, the Fitzwalters, whose daughter Marian became enamored with Robin. They dated until Robin left home for prep school.

Graduating prep school, Robin enlisted in the U.S. Marines Corps to serve in the Iraq war, where he met John Naylor aka Little John and Franciscan Friar Tuck. Robin attended sniper school and displayed an almost superheroic gift for sharpshooting. 

A twice-decorated Marine Corps veteran and ballistics expert, Robin is an expert combat strategist and one of the world's foremost marksmen, with an innate gift for trajectory and geometry. Robin has a near perfect track record hitting his desired target, whether live or inanimate, with a maximum of 1 shot from over 800 yards. Like a professional billiards player, Robin is able to mentally map a path on any two angles (what he calls a 'bank shot') by which he can hit a target via ricochet. He is also a MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) 2nd Degree Black Belt. As a leader of men, Robin relies on a strong sense of morality, duty and honor, willing to sacrifice himself before others and never leaving a man behind. Robin's stubborn streak and self-confidence fuels him to accomplish his mission of rescuing the people of Sherwood Forest and exonerating his father against tremendous odds.