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Christopher Miller
Also known as
Date of birth
January 18, 1984
Sherwood Forest, IL
Criminal Record
Felony Theft, Auto Theft, Receiving and Selling stolen goods
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Christopher Miller, commonly referred to by his nickname "Much" is one of Robin Hood's Merry Men. His nickname is a pun on his 'Ladies' Man' reputation; he frequently boasts 'the ladies' say I'm too much to handle.' Much's cocky attutude, machismo and womanizing belie his kind nature and his softer side as a romantic and monogamous lover. Much mainly deals in stolen electronics and firearms. He is highly proficient in a variety of breaking-and-entering techniques: he is capable of 'hot wiring' and stealing a car in less than one minute, picking conventional locks, and bypassing advanced security systems such as padlocks and stoplocks. Much has a natural ability for reverse-engineering, capable of creating simple circuit boards for various uses, and is adept at deciphering complex schematics and blueprints. One of Much's key motivating factors is the chance to reconcile with Felicia Maxwell, the mother of his son Kurtis.